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Recessed projector in loft

Cost Effective Control4 Home Cinema Room

This recent home cinema installation by SMC Custom Installations was designed as a cost effective Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 system. It features an Epson  4K enhancement projector coupled with a Pure Theatre ceiling recessed projector screen.

7 days ago
home cinema as part of home renovation

Integrating home cinema technology into a 1930’s renovation

This renovation really is proof that you do not need to compromise to integrate modern luxuries. Benefiting from a huge rear extension the renovated property oozes space and light. It incorporates in-ceiling speakers, recessed projector and screen.

7 days ago
Student Housing Cinema Room

Student Village benefits from modern cinema room

Smart Home Specialists Soundzgood chose to use a Pure Theatre CR50 projector lift. Selected for its ease of use and fantastic price point this lift allows the projector to hide away at the touch of a button.

2 months ago
Arcam Amplifiers

The Arcam Powerhouse

Arcam’s trio of power amplifiers the PA240, PA410 and PA720 compliment the rest of their HDA range perfectly. The design of the HDA range draws upon all of Arcam’s experience as one of the UK’s most respected audio companies, to produce Arcam’s best performing range of audio products yet – using the best quality components and engineering practices, the HDA range is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment.

5 months ago
home cinema setup netflix

Transforming a regular living space into a home cinema

This residential living room renovation, in Shropshire, showcases just what an incredible home cinema can be created in a regular living room.

8 months ago

What is Contrast and why does it matter?

Contrast or Contrast ratio is the measure of white to black and allows the viewer to see a higher range of colour and subtle shades. The higher the contrast ratio the higher the detail and quality within the projected image.

8 months ago
LCD vs DLP projectors

Projector Types - LCD vs DLP - What is the difference?

The two most popular types of projectors are 3LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing). We look at how these two different types of projectors work.

8 months ago
Monitor Audio Bronze Loudspeaker Series

Introducing the new Monitor Audio Bronze Loudspeaker Series

Today, Monitor Audio officially launched the 6th generation of its award-winning Bronze Series of loudspeakers. A complete upgrade in both sound and build quality gives a performance to remember from the new speakers.

10 months ago
surround sound system

Setting up your home cinema with Dolby Atmos

A Dolby Atmos system allows sound mixers to precisely place sounds and voices at exact points in the sound field rather than just to specific channels. Each speaker in an Atmos system has its own discrete feed, enabling new front-, surround- and ceiling-mounted height channels.

11 months ago
AV Rack Mounts

How to Layout an AV Rack

In this blog we are discussing AV rack layout. AV Racks are most successful when well planned out and designed. We have therefore answered some of the most common questions below to help with the layout of your AV rack.

1 year ago