Concealed Home Cinema, Telford, Shropshire

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7 July 2020

Concealed Home Cinema, Telford, Shropshire



Transforming a regular living space into a home cinema

Where once the dining room and kitchen were the heart of the home, the Netflix era has seen a shift with families bonding in front of the screen in the comfort of their own homes. Many luxury new developments have cinema rooms as a staple feature, but what about the average person who wants a full cinematic experience at home but doesn’t have the room for a full cinema setup. 

Cue the sleek yet convenient concealed home cinema setup

This residential living room renovation, in Shropshire, showcases just what can be achieved within a regular living room. The well-designed renovation included a new drop ceiling around the perimeter, which can house a  motorised recessed projector lift and screen. Thus transforming this space from a regular living area to a home cinema at the click of a button.

In this instance the owners, who have teenage children, wanted a family space which could be utilised for watching TV, playing games and watching movies. Creating an immersive cinematic experience, which would see them bond as a family whilst also not encroaching on the normal living space.

Speed of Installation

Incorporating a drop ceiling into this project meant that installation was simple and speedy. The speakers, projector screen and projector lift were all mounted within this new addition.  Mood lighting, controlled by Alexa, was fitted into the ceiling creating the atmosphere that the clients were looking for.   

The Pure Theatre motorised projector screen is only 11cm high, which is the most compact in-ceiling screen available on the market. As with the screen, the Pure Theatre projector lift was selected with simple installation in mind to conceal the projector when not in use. The built-in control system on the Pure Theatre projector lift and screen ensures a simple plug-and-play setup and 1 click ON or OFF operation. 

A true Cinematic Experience

To give a stunning cinematic experience in this home cinema the Epson EH-TW9400 4K UHD Projector was chosen. Although not native 4k the Enhancement technology creates a stunning image that will rival native 4K projectors. Priced at under £3k and a WhatHifi award winner this was the obvious choice.

To complete the setup a fantastic surround sound speaker setup was installed. This included three Monitor Audio W380-IDC Speakers within a custom AV rack, two Monitor Audio W380-IDC In Wall rear speakers, and six Monitor Audio C380-IDC In Ceiling speakers and one Monitor Audio Radius 380 Sub Woofer.

Sleek Finish

The Pure Theatre Custom AV rack gives a sleek finish and houses the three Monitor Audio W380-IDC Speakers perfectly. It’s a real feature of the room whether in full cinema mode or not.

The projector screen itself boasts an extremely thin weight bar and eliminates the need for a trap door for minimum visual impact, you hardly even notice the screen now it is installed.

Mounting a projector is always a big consideration when creating a space like this. There are lots of options such as recessed into an alcove or dedicated shelving but a projector lift is the only real option for a sleek, non-obtrusive finish. 

The Result

The result is a connected space, which can provide a full cinematic experience for all the family whilst retaining a sleek and stylish finish.

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