Can I play xbox or Playstation on a projector?

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As well as watching movies or streaming services on your projector you may want to connect it up to play games via an XBOX or Playstation. This is completely fine and easy to do with the addition of an AV Receiver. 

How do I connect my xbox/Playstation to my projector?

Connecting your XBOX or Playstation to your projector couldn't be easier. 

You will plug the HDMI from your Xbox/Playstation into the HDMI In port on your AV receiver. Then you will run a HDMI cable from the HDMI Out port on your AV Receiver to your projector.

This kind of setup allows you to have various different devices connected i.e Sky, DVD, Games consoles etc. At the click of a button on your remote control your projector will switch between devices just as easily as your TV has traditionally done so.

2021-10-19 09:06:00
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