Will a projector work in a bright living room?

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Our concealed projectors and screens are designed to turn any room into a home cinema. The most frequent question we get asked when we say this is what about the light. Often our systems are seen in all their glory with low light and dark walls. So how will they actually stand up top every day TV use?

You may be surprised at the quality of modern projectors in bright rooms. Many of the manufacturers of projectors know that they are no longer used just for watching movies but need to hold their own watching streaming services or for playing games consoles. As such a lot of development has gone in improving the picture quality when ambient light is around. 

Almost all home cinema projectors will work in bright living rooms but the quality will be determined by a few different factors.


1. Brightness

Since you are looking for a light projector for bright rooms, the brightness of the projector is the most important factor. The brightness of anything is measured in lumens,  generally the higher the lumens the better the picture will hold up in a bright room.

Projector lift coming out of ceiling in bright kitchen living room extensionProjector lift coming out of ceiling in bright kitchen living room extension

2. Resolution

The second most important thing to look for in a bright light projector is its resolution. Just like television screens, projectors also have their own resolution. Since very high brightness can distort the picture and affect its quality very badly, it should have a very high resolution to cope with it. With a very high resolution, there is almost zero difference left between a projector and an LED due to the immersive details.


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projector and lift in living roomprojector and lift in living room
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