Looking for the best home cinema system?

Upgrade your home entertainment to a home cinema projector, electric projector screen and motorised projector lift for an immersive 4K, HDR image that's a home theatre when you want it, space when you need it.


Projector Screens

Our Recessed Projector Screens, conceal in your ceiling when not in use. This allows you to transform any room into a home cinema at the touch of a button. With ranging from 68" for small rooms to 131".

Projector Lifts

Our motorised projector lifts, conceal the projector in your ceiling at a touch of a button.

4K Projectors

We have a range of 4K and UHD projectors available including Sony, Epson, Optoma and JVC.

Diagram of home theatre system View Range View Range View Range

Build your home theatre

Popular Projectors

Looking for the best 4K UltraHD projectors for the perfect home cinema.

Our Most Popular Projector Lifts

Our Ceiling Recessed Projector Lift will conceal your projector in the ceiling when it's not being used.

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