17 December 2021

Six Steps to Creating your Dream Home Cinema

Wondering how you go about creating your home cinema? Let us walk you through a basic guide.

From Concealed to Luxurious Dedicated Home Cinemas to simpler Ultra short-throw set-ups, customisation for each room requires six steps.

Dedicated Home Cinema with cinema screen and chairs with purple ambient lightingDedicated Home Cinema with cinema screen and chairs with purple ambient lighting

1. Decide on your Budget

This first really is an incredibly important step. Imagine you are designing a kitchen you couldn't possibly accomplish this without a budget in mind. A home cinema is no different so it is important to decide whether you have 5k or 30k to spend.

Why do we need to know your budget?

We want to create the very best system for every single one of our customers. By knowing your budget it allows us to advise better on which AV products are right for you.

2. Have Plans of your room to hand

To best design your Home Cinema System you need to have your room plans including where you plan to position your seating as well as your room dimensions. Room plans don't need to be complicated but by sending top-down room plans, our specialists are able to get a sense of your space. 

3. Book a Home Cinema Demo

Creating an immersive Home Cinema can only be done by choosing the right products that satisfy your senses in person. Booking a Home Cinema Demonstration essentially allows you to try before you buy. See and hear what each audio and visual product has to offer. Then welcome this experience into your home. Choose between the latest and most popular Home Cinema Projectors, take a look at the different types and the available sizes of our Projector Screens.

4. Decisions Decisions 

Once you have seen and heard the kit then our home cinema specialists can look at your room plans and advise what setup or home cinema package we think is best for you.

5. Purchase your goods

To make it just that bit easier, we place everything in your basket online and you can checkout as normal from your account.

6. Choose who will fit 

As we are supply only so you will need to decide who is going to fit the home cinema products. This is much easier than you think and can be done by yourselves, an electrician, builder or AV Installer.

The Exciting part!

The only thing left to do then is to marvel at your amazing investment and enjoy it for years to come.

Men watching a football game with drinks in front of large projector screenMen watching a football game with drinks in front of large projector screen

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