7 June 2022

Laser Projectors vs Lamp Projectors

Laser versus Lamp Projectors, what's the difference and which is better?

Laser vs Lamp Projector Laser vs Lamp Projector

What's the difference between a Laser Projector and a Lamp Projector?

Simply put, a Laser Projector uses laser beams and a traditional lamp projector uses a light bulb to project images. Laser projectors require minimal maintenance as they do not have bulbs, subsequently, you don’t have to find a replacement bulb every few years as you would with a Lamp projector.

Is a laser projector better than a lamp projector?

Often we get asked whether a laser projector is better than a lamp projector. Laser Projectors tend to have more favourable features such as a longer lifespan and a wider colour gamut specifically noticeable in lighter spaces due to their high brightness. Let's get into more detail to unfold the key differences between Laser Projectors and Lamp Projectors.

Longer Lifespan 

Laser Projectors offer an outstanding lifespan usually around 20,000 hours, whereas a typical lamp life featured on a lamp projector can be around 2,500 hours. Of course, when your bulb life runs out you can just replace it at an additional cost usually around £100, so lamp projectors do require maintenance now and then.

Low/ No Maintenance

As previously discussed, lamp projectors require the maintenance of purchasing replacement bulbs, which may be considered an inconvenience to some. However, replacement bulbs are easily accessible and are usually available to purchase directly from the manufacturer's website. Installation of replacement bulbs into your projector is also straightforward. Whether the maintenance of replacing light bulbs would be a hassle for you is completely subjective. 

Improved Colour and Contrast

One feature that is impossible to miss on Laser Projectors is their wider colour gamut. Experience a wide range of colours and a sharper contrast ideal for home cinemas when quality is key. Laser Projectors promise to produce images as close to reality as possible due to their faultless colour accuracy.

Higher brightness

Laser Projectors are a newer technology than conventional lamps and have been introduced to the higher end of the market. Projectors positioned towards the higher end of the market tend to possess a higher brightness. Opting for a laser projector does usually mean experiencing a higher brightness than what you would expect from a lamp projector. Laser Projectors also maintain their brightness for a much longer period than Lamp Projectors. Although they do eventually lose some of their brightness, they do so at a much slower rate than lamp projectors. Not forgetting, laser projectors tend to produce a higher brightness than a lamp equivalent, to begin with.

Higher Cost

There is a substantial difference in cost between laser projectors and lamp projectors. As we've determined, Laser projectors tend to be positioned at the higher end of the projector market. Deciding if you need a laser or lamp projector may come down to your budget. A good laser projector is usually priced from £4,000, whereas lamp projectors can be purchased for half the price of a laser. Laser Projectors are considered premium in the world of projectors.

Additional Features

No Mercury 

Unlike lamp projectors, Laser Projectors do not feature mercury. Laser projectors are a good alternative when it comes to benefitting the environment.


Lamp projectors do require quite a bit of cooling down as such, the fans they use can be known to make some noise. Laser projectors do not need cooling down as much, reducing the noise expected from the projector.

A Projector that's ready when you are

Lamp projectors require some time to warm up. On the other hand, Laser Projectors are simply ready when you are, with no heating up required. 

Advantages of Laser Projectors over Lamp Projectors

  • Longer light source lifespan
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Colours close to reality credit to a wider colour gamut
  • High brightness at purchase and very slow decline 
  • Mercury-free

Our Verdict 

Our verdict is that Laser Projectors are undeniably better than Lamp Projectors. Laser Projectors represent new technology taking over traditional Lamp-based Projectors. With a longer lifespan, better quality due to accurate colour gamuts and a lower brightness decline over time, Laser Projectors produce high-quality performances. Both Laser and Lamp Projectors can be integrated into professional and informal settings such as Home Cinema, however, Laser Projectors are less restricted to darker settings credit to their incredible brightness. 

Want a side by side laser versus lamp projector comparison?

At our demo facility based in Shropshire, experience the most popular Laser and Lamp projectors in a side-by-side projector shoot-out. Decide for yourself whether laser projectors are worth the additional cost in comparison to lamp projectors. From Sony to Epson to JVC, we demo the latest home cinema projectors. 

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