A walk through of a Pure Theatre Home Cinema Demo

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12 January 2022

A walk through of a Pure Theatre Home Cinema Demo

A Walk through of a Pure Theatre Home Cinema Demo

What is a Pure Theatre Home Cinema Demo?

At Pure Theatre, we present one of the best home cinema showrooms in the UK. Located in Shropshire, we demonstrate three types of Home Cinema Set-ups in our recently refurbished facility. A Pure Theatre Demo aims to help you explore the different possibilities with AV equipment to create your Dream Home Cinema.

We currently offer six types of Demos at our showrooms:

  1. Dedicated Home Cinema
  2. Concealed Home Cinema Demo 
  3. Ultra Short Throw Home Cinema Demo
  4. Dolby Atmos Sound Demo
  5. Projector Shoot Out 
  6. Moovia Cinema Seating Demo
Pure Theatre Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens and Lift On DemoPure Theatre Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens and Lift On Demo

Why should I book a Demo?

A Pure Theatre Demo allows you to essentially try before you buy! 

There is no better way to decide on your AV equipment than to come and see and hear for yourself. Booking a demo saves you hours of research and offers you free advice from our specialists who are happy to help no matter what the project. With side-by-side comparisons of the most popular AV equipment, there isn't a more efficient way to determine your Home Cinema preferences.


  • Saves you hours of unnecessary research
  • Try before you buy
  • Get unbiased specialist advice
  • Helps to narrow down the endless choices of AV products
  • Customised Home Cinema System to your room/space

Before booking a Home Cinema Demo, you may want to know what you can expect from each demonstration.

1. Dedicated Home Cinema Demo

Meet our Specialist

Our Dedicated Demo showcases our premium home cinema room with high-end AV equipment to create the ultimate home theatre experience. This particular Demonstration room is one of Arcam's Centres of Cinematic Excellence. To begin the demo, you’ll be welcomed by a member of our team and introduced to one of our Home Cinema specialists who will be guiding you through the Home Cinema Demo. 

Experience an immersive Home Cinema 

Once introduced to our Home Cinema Specialist, get comfy and be prepared for a Home Cinema that exceeds your expectations. With luxurious Moovia cinema seating, a 3m wide Screen and even the world's first 8K Projector, this demo offers an unforgettable experience you won't want to leave behind. 

Specialist advice

Once you've seen and heard about the premium AV equipment, it's now time to enjoy a hot drink and discuss. Before you can make any decisions, our specialist needs to take a look at your room plans, know your budget and understand what it is you’d like to achieve. Our specialist will then be able to give you an insight into what we can make possible to meet your requirements.

Start planning!

Once agreed on a home cinema set-up, our specialist will start to plan a system customised to your space.

It is important to understand that every project is different, some are more complicated than others which is why bringing your room plans is so important.

2. Concealed Home Cinema Demo

Experience a Hidden Home Cinema 

You may be intrigued as to how a Home Cinema can be hidden away into your ceiling without spoiling your home interior. Booking a Concealed Home Cinema Demo involves an introduction to our Ceiling Recessed Projector Screens and Projector Lifts. This demonstration room replicates the feel of a normal living room. 

Projectors Side by Side

Experience the latest Home Cinema Projectors side by side on our Motorised Projector Screens. Seeing the latest and most popular Home Cinema Projectors side by side in our impressive Concealed demo room will help to narrow down your search for the best Home Cinema Projector to suit your requirements.

  • This part of the Concealed Home Cinema Demo is equivalent to solely booking a Projector Shoot-Out Demo.

Dolby Atmos Sound

Not only is it important to decide which projector you are most impressed by, but it is also important to review the different sound systems. Listen to a range of breathtaking sound set-ups with up to 10 speakers.

Specialist advice

Once you have reviewed the Audio and Visual equipment, disclosing your budget with our specialist will allow for unbiased advice and recommendations to suit not only your budget but your space too. Our ethos at Pure Theatre is to provide the best technical advice and customer support, not a pushy sales pitch!

Customisation and Planning

Once you have experienced a concealed home cinema demo, you should have more of an understanding of what it is you want. Our specialist will then draft up a plan, designing your concealed home cinema from positioning your speakers to deciding which screen size fits your space, before adding the right products to your basket.

3. Short Throw Home Cinema Demo

Paired with a Specialist

Consistent with all our Demos, you’ll be welcomed and paired with a Home Cinema specialist to guide you through an Ultra Short Throw System. Our Short Throw System on Demo has been established using just an ALR Screen and a UST Projector. Our specialist will be available to answer all your questions and provide the best technical support possible.

All important Smart Sound

No Home Cinema System is complete without an impressive sound system to go with it. With our Ultra Short Throw Demo, experience a 5.1 surround sound system with Harman Kardon’s citation smart speaker range. Control your Home Cinema Sound System using your voice with the help of Google Assistant.

Establish what it is you want

The next stage of the Short Throw Demo involves sitting down with our specialist to share a few important factors such as your budget and room plans. Bringing your room plan will help our specialist to determine which ALR screen size is the most suitable for your space, which projector is the best for your budget and where your sound can be positioned. Our specialist will then add your desired products to your basket and you can purchase them when you are ready.

Pure Theatre Demo Q&A

How long will my Demo take?

The length of time required varies for each Demo. They are usually around 1 hour and 30 minutes. A Home Cinema Demo is the most efficient way of designing, planning and choosing the right AV equipment when creating your Dream Home Cinema. It will save you hours of unnecessary research using internet reviews, youtube videos and chat forums and will help to narrow down your options. 

What days are you open?

We are open Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm. 

Where are you based?

Pure Theatre is based in Telford, Shropshire. We are positioned in a convenient location just off Junction 10 of the M54. We regularly accommodate for customers from all over the country by picking them up from the nearest train station just five minutes away from our showrooms.

For customers who have travelled from afar, we even suggest making a day out of it! We are just 15 minutes away from Ironbridge, a tourist attraction with breathtaking scenery and traditional British pubs!

Can I bring somebody along?

Yes. A second opinion is always important and helpful when spoilt for choice with AV equipment. The approval of your significant other is always essential!

Ready to start looking for the right Home Cinema?

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