Ultra Short Throw Living Room, Shropshire

ultra short throw projector room
3 July 2023

Ultra Short Throw Living Room, Shropshire

Ultra Short Throw, Shropshire

The projector setup in this customers space is as unique as the room itself. An expansive open plan living area, adorned with light from sliding doors and sky lights, this room features a kitchen, dining area and relaxing lounge. The customers wanted to fit a projector screen above the stairs which lead down to the wine cellar below, calling for a very tailored setup.


Due to the amount of light in the room a long throw projector was not really an option, an Ultra Short throw projector was therefore specififed. Opting for the Benq V6050 4K Laser Projector teamed up with a Pure Theatre Fixed ALR projector screen which ensures that the light from the projector is captured perfectly and minimises ambient light issues. The projector sits on a custom made shelf and can barely be seen from most angles in the lounge making the screen feel more like a TV.


The speaker system includes two DALI PHANTOM S-80 In-Wall Speakers teamed up with four Monitor Audio CP-CT380-IDC In-Ceiling Speakers and REL T7x Subwoofer. Two further in-ceiling speakers were installed in the kitchen area. Everything is controlled from the Denon AVC-X4700H AV Receiver which sits neatly out of the way in an AV Rack down the stairs below the projector screen.