Concealed cinema system, Northampton

Northampton Home Cinema with frog on screen
10 January 2023

Concealed cinema system, Northampton



Next level media wall in Northampton

Lovely room from one of our customers. Featuring our CR300 Projector Screen providing a whopping 131" viewing area, recessed into the custom built cabinetry. Projection comes from the Laser EH-LS11000W projector from Epson, hidden away in the CR50 projector lift.

Sound comes from a Monitor Audio setup including 2 x CP-IW260X In-Wall Speakers fitted into the front cabinetry, a Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In-Wall Speaker for the centre, 2x CP-WT380IDC In-Wall Speakers for surrounds and 2 x Monitor Audio CP-CT380-IDC In-Ceiling Speakers. Finished off with a REL T7x Subwoofer and controlled from an Arcam AVR5 AV Receiver.