Sony announces Two new Laser Projectors - April 2022

New sony projectors VPL-XW5000ES and VPL-XW7000ES
26 April 2022

Sony announces Two new Laser Projectors - April 2022

Sony announces Two new Laser Projectors - April 2022

New Sony Projectors XW5000ES XW7000ESNew Sony Projectors XW5000ES XW7000ES

Two new Sony Laser Projectors announced:

The New XW series of projectors has been announced today by manufacturers Sony. The series includes two new projectors, the VPL-XW5000ES, and VPL-XW7000ES.

The new Sony projectors at a glance:


• Native 4K

• New Chassis Design

• Most compact 4K Home cinema projector on the market

• 2000 Lumens

• Dimensions: 472x 460 x 200



• Native 4K 

• New Chassis Design

• New ACF lens 

• 3200 lumens

• Dimensions: 517x460x210


Key Features of the new range:

• Extreme clarity

• Expanded colour volume

• Worlds smallest Native 4k SXRD panel

• Better panel driving technology

• Wide dynamic range optics

• High levels of contrast and improved luminance

• Flagship X1 ultimate chip

• Floating focus system for improved contrast and definition

Let's look at the new features in a little more detail:

Sony says their focus on these projectors is extreme clarity, Expanded Dynamic Range, and Expanded Colour Volume. At the heart of the projectors is the Flagship X1 Ultimate chip, offering a high-performance picture processor. Producing highly acclaimed Bravia picture quality technology optimised for projector image. Sony states that this chip is 2.8x more powerful than previous models.


New Chasis Design

A new chassis design has also been introduced which looks to take the dimensions of the projectors down from their predecessors. The new XW5000es claims to be the most compact 4K Home cinema projector on the market. In terms of style, however, the new projectors retain the look and feel of previous models.


Sony VPL-XW5000ES Projector Sony VPL-XW5000ES Projector

Object-Based Super Resolution

The goal of extreme clarity has seen various shifts in these models. Most notably, Sony claims the shift from frame-based analysis to object-based analysis. Object-based super-resolution detects individual objects in a picture and preserves detail. Dual database processing then cleans the picture reducing on-screen noise, upscaling the resolution, and improving clarity.


Dynamic HDR Enhancer

Dynamic HDR Enhancer delivers the best contrast by processing HDR content scene by scene. It enhances the contrast in combination with laser output control, making bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker to deliver bright 4K HDR images. Dynamic HDR Enhancer optimizes high brightness and dark areas accordingly, providing optimal HDR images for each scene and reproducing the original PQ curve.



Advanced crisp focus (ACF) lens

The XW7000es features a new Advanced crisp focus (ACF) lens. It is said that this will offer optimal clarity across the entire screen thanks to three design elements. 

• 70mm aspherical front lens- smaller than previous models. Improves centre corner clarity. 
• Floating focus system- corrects image curvature delivering highly stable image performance from centre to corner without distortion.
• Extra-low dispersion glass- Advanced crisp focused lens uses extra-low dispersion glass to reproduce crisp images without colour deviation


New Lens for Sony projector VPL-XW7000ESNew Lens for Sony projector VPL-XW7000ES
cOLOUR Gamut on VPL-XW7000ES projectorcOLOUR Gamut on VPL-XW7000ES projector
Triluminos Pro for Sony projectorsTriluminos Pro for Sony projectors

Wide Colour Gamut and High Brightness

The premium model XW7000es also features Trimulinos Pro with 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut, offering faithful colour tone. 


Our first thoughts on Sony's new Projectors

The XW7000es looks to be a good addition to this area of the market. At 3200 lumens it is much brighter than its predecessors the VPL-VW790 and 890. Its new ACF Lens looks promising but the proof will be once we can test this in real life. We are also pleased to see Sony reducing the chassis size on these new models. The only downside to this projector for the price point is that we would have expected a move to HDMI 2.1 to help future-proof.

With the XW5000es model, we are very pleased to see a reduction in size particularly in a native 4K model. This will make it much more appealing to people looking for a more compact projector for a regular living room. Our main disappointment with this model comes in the form of the manual lens. Not adding a powered lens to a home cinema projector seems rather outdated in our opinion and people looking to switch screen sizes/ratios, and especially multiple screen positions will need to look elsewhere. That said we feel Sony has priced this projector right and it will slot nicely into the market.


Be the first to get your hands on the new projectors

We have now added the projectors to our online store. Put your order in and as soon as we get stock of the first new projectors in July we will ship you one out.