3 Ways To Hide A Projector Screen

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Updated: December 2021

It is possible for projector screens to be almost invisible when not in use.

Often the perception of a cinema room is a mass of electronic hardware. An ugly projector screen on the wall and a projector bolted to the ceiling dominating a space. This simply does not have to be the case though. If you want to turn your regular lounge into a home cinema system then you will want a discrete system.

This is where hiding your projector screen is essential. In order for this to work you need to select a motorised projector screen, which can retract back into a housing. We have a range of different sizes of motorised screen available depending on your room size ranging from 68" all the way up to 131".

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There are many different ways of hiding your screen so that it is only visible when required. Your choice will very much depend on your particular application and the stage at which you are in your project. Take a look at some of the most popular methods below. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01952 898 533.

Methods of Concealing the screen


  1. Coffered Ceiling

    Coffered Tray Ceiling with in ceiling projector screen

    One of the most popular ways to hide a projector screen is in a coffered/tray ceiling. The reason this is such a common solution is because it creates a truly beautiful architectural feature in a home. It fits in with modern décor and can mean that your original ceiling can remain.

    Many people use the drop ceiling to install recessed lighting to add mood lighting. This type of ceiling can be created during home renovations the only requirement is for a decent original ceiling height. The great thing about this type of installation is that it is easy to create a big enough space to conceal the electrics involved with the motorised projector screen. If you choose you can also utilise the coffered ceiling to hide your projector using a motorised projector lift. This way your entire home cinema system can be recessed in the ceiling.

  2. Flush Ceiling 


    Flush Ceiling Projector Screen

    If you are creating a home cinema room from scratch as part of a new build, extension or conversion then you have the option of fitting the projector within the ceiling. A flush ceiling finish is often the most unobtrusive solution and ideal if ceiling heights are low. Our projector screens come with fixing plates which lie above the ceiling and a screen a case which sits below to ensure a smooth sleek finish.

  3. Box in with Coving

    Coving hiding projector screen

    If you want to add a projector to an already completed room then there are still options. One, which has been popular with our customers, is creating a box out and completing with coving. You can see that this creates a really attractive finish without having to alter existing ceilings. Electrics will still need to be fitted therefore some alterations to existing décor may be required but these are minimal compared to the other options.



Diagram of concealed projector screen

Our projector screens have been specifically developed to have minimum visual impact.

By eliminating the need for a trap door with the world’s thinnest weight bar you can be sure the screen will only be seen when you want it to be. At only 11cm high they are the most compact in ceiling screens available.

We supply a stencil with our projectors, this makes installation a breeze as you can simply mark out the hole needed and all of the drill holes required. Our fixing frame comes with sticky pads, which you can press, into position ready for securing the projector in place. Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting the screen as the screen case ensures a sleek finish.

If you would like further advice on installation then please speak to us on 01952 898 533 or you can find one of our approved installers here.

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