AV racking: the key pillar of any Smart Home

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Often the most overlooked element of a well engineered smart home system, yet one of the key pillars of custom installation is the AV rack. Even the most tech-savvy clients never give them a thought but there’s a lot more going on with these behind-the-scenes stars than even you may have realized.

The need for racks is beginning to expand beyond just AV equipment; the growing popularity of smart home technology means more and more devices are going into homes. This drives a need for custom racking which neatly and efficiently tucks everything away.

The top audio-visual companies will ensure that there racking is not only well organised but also aesthetically pleasing. When we are talking about high-end luxury smart home installations ever element should be polished and refined. One company who specialise in fully automated solutions for the ultimate in high-end luxury living are Nucleus AV.

Nucleus AV have been working with us at Pure Theatre to ensure that they can offer their clients the very best solutions. They use a variety of our Rack Mount Shelves which are precision engineered to fit different devices including games consoles, sound systems, cinema systems and more. Here are a few reasons why they choose Pure Theatre Rack Shelves:

Keeping up with the latest tech

Smart home technology is always changing and there is always a new must have piece of tech being released. It is therefore essential that the rack mount shelves available keep up to date too. As we manufacture our rack mount shelves in house we are able to quickly turn around new designs for new releases. And if you have a device that doesn’t already have a rack mount shelf, we will custom make one for you at no additional cost.

“With our friends from @puretheatreuk, we were probably the first in the world to install the new Xbox with custom metal work in a rack.”

Nucleus AV

Ensuring devices are secure

When you are investing in high-end tech for your home the safety of those devices is paramount. Our rack mount trays incorporate a rubber edged clamping bar that holds your device in place. This not only keeps it secure but also stops the device moving around when buttons are being pressed.

Finished to Perfection

Using computer aided design and laser cut contours we ensure that devices fit perfectly every time. The Rack mount shelves are finished with a hard wearing powder coated finish, in matt black texture, so you can be sure your AV equipment will look right at home.

“Our Racks would not look the same without your support and service over the years.” Nucleus AV


Bespoke Branding

For audio-visual companies branding is a stamp of pride on installations. For that polished finish we offer a custom LED branded panel, these look

“We like nothing more than our Back Lit “N”, on our unique branding panels and shelves, thanks Pure Theatre for the great custom work as always.”

Nucleus AV



To see the full range of Pure Theatre rack mount shelves please click here.


Nuclues AV are an Award Winning Custom Install Integration Company based in London, offering a high level of install and aftercare. If you would like to know more about this company then please visit https://www.nucleusav.com/

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