Period Property with projector screen, London

period property with beams and projector screen
12 January 2021

Period Property with projector screen, London

Projector Screen for Period Property


Projectors are not just for modern homes

Many people think that technology like projectors can only be invested in if you have a modern space. Actually the concealed nature of our products makes them the absolute perfect fit for period properties. Styling a large TV into the space can be almost impossible, whereas a recessed projector screen can provide that all important screen when you want it but can hide away at the touch of a button. Thus leaving your period interior un-interupted. Likewise with the Pure Theatre projector lift the projector itself can also hide away in the ceiling. 

This customer has seen the benefits of a fully concealed system. They have achieved a beautiful period interior retaining stunning old features like the beams and open fire whilst also being able to incorporate the technology that is synonymous with modern life. Featuring a 160cm Ceiling Recessed Projector Screen and one of our projector lifts the customer can watch TV, movies and sport all whilst enjoying their period home.