19 October 2021

How much space do I need for a recessed projector screen?

When looking at ceiling recessed projector screens many people are concerned with the space needed in the ceiling void. There is no need to be concerned with this as our recessed screens need just 11cm above the ceiling to be installed.

Firstly let’s talk about how our screens retract into the ceiling. All our recessed screens work on a roller tube system very similar to that which you will have seen on a roller blind. This means that no matter how large the screen the fabric rolls up to fit within an 11cm high gap. 

Our unique roller tube design incorporates a spiral-shaped outer, with internal stiffening ribs, and is made from aerospace-grade materials to ensure our screens are perfectly flat and without tram lines every time you use them.

How do you install a recessed projector screen

Designed with installation in mind our recessed projector screen can be easily fitted to existing ceilings and at only 11cm high, are the most compact ceiling screens available. Installation is simple and easy; we provide stencils so you can mark out the recess and screw holes required.

Click here for step-by-step installation instructions for our recessed screens.