How do JBL Conceal Speakers work?

JBL Conceal speaker install
22 May 2023

How do JBL Conceal Speakers work?

How do JBL Conceal Speakers Work?

The JBL Conceal Series of Invisible Loudspeakers feature a paintable Fidelity Glass™ outer skin. The finished loudspeaker panels install easily and disappear completely into the surrounding walls, allowing optimal placement virtually anywhere in a room. 

What makes these different to other plaster in speakers?

One of the reason we have been so impressed with the conceal series is due to its installation method. Over the years we have tried several plaster in speaker variants and all have compromoised sound quality for the invisible aesthetic. What intrigued us with the conceal series was the fac that it installs like a plasterboard patch, meaning you do not plaster over the front of the speaker itself. Instead the design allows you to skim up to the speaker seamlessly, then you paint over the Fidelity Glass™ skin meaning it is only paint on front of the speaker. In our testing of the speaker range we found that the sound quality was therefore just as impressive as a standard in-wall speaker with a grille.


Can I wallpaper over the speaker?

Yes, you can wallpaper instead of painting over the speakers. The Conceal series face panels are engineered for optimum audio performance with no more than 1/16” (2mm) of any material applied to the surface of the speaker.


Will the plaster crack?

JBL Conceal Invisible Loudspeakers are designed specifically to prevent cracking of the wallboard finish around the perimeter of the speaker during normal use. This is accomplished by dampening the frame of the speaker from vibrations caused during playback. By isolating the frame from vibration, movement between the speaker and surrounding wallboard is minimized which eliminates the opportunity for cracking to occur.


Will the sound affect the room adjacent?

The conceal series feature an integrated wooden back box enclosure offering reduced acoustic intrusion into adjacent spaces.


Do you have them instore?

We love the Conceal series so much we have installed them in our demo area. If you would like to hear them for yourself book a demo today.

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