How to hide a projector

hidden projector in ceiling
10 January 2023

How to hide a projector

How to hide a projector

Unlike many other technological devices Projectors have increased in size over time. This size increase has largely been due to increasing the air circulation around key components within the projectors. The result is that the main 4K projectors on the market today are quite cumbersome objects. You therefore may not be all too keen on mounting this to your ceiling for everyone to see. Hiding the projector is the ultimate goal, accessible when you need it and hidden when you don't.


Hiding a projector in your ceiling

Projector lifts are the latest in home theater technology, offering an easy and efficient way to hide your projector when not in use. Offering a convenient solution for those who want a sleek, unobtrusive setup, a projector lift is essentially a box-like structure which holds the projector securely in place. They are motorised so that at the click of a button the projector moves upward into your ceiling void leaving you with a sleek ceiling finish.

Projector in ceiling Projector in ceiling
Projector hidden in ceilingProjector hidden in ceiling

Can my projector be invisible?

There are various ways to install your projector lift. Most people fit on top of plastered ceilings meaning the finish includes a slightly raised outer edge. If you want your projector to completley disappear however you can fit the projector lift to plasterboard and then skim right up to the lift plate. Once painted all you see is the faint line around the edge of the motorised plate.

room with hidden projectorroom with hidden projector
Concealed home cinemaConcealed home cinema

What if I change my projector?

If you select our most popular projector lift the CR50, all the lastest 4K projectors will fit inside. This means that if you need to change your projector at any point it is simple and easy to relace. Simply remove the projector housing remove the projector, fit your new projector to the mounting tray and then refit the housing.


How do I hide the Wiring?

Wiring will all be hidden in the ceiling void, you will need to have two power points (One for the lift, one for the projector) and a certified HDMI cable. Make sure you get these right as it will be very difficult to replace them once everything is plastered in.


How much will it cost to hide my projector?

Of course all conviences come at a cost. Our most popular projector lift is the CR50 this currently costs £2,450* 



Projector lifts are suprisingly easy to install. Once the ceiling hole is cut and the wiring is in place it only takes an hour and you will have eveything set up and ready to go. 


* Price correct at the time of writing

Ready to hide your projector?

CR50 Projector LiftCR50 Projector Lift