4 ways to mount a projector

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Projector Lift Mount

The UK residential custom home installation sector is now estimated to be worth around £1.07 billion according to CEDIA. Audiovisual projects account for nearly 50% of all installations in the UK. Home cinemas taking a 21% slice and lighting control/design the second most popular at 12%. Whilst we are all looking to integrate more technology into our homes, minimalism has also become the most popular design system over the past few years. So how do we achieve both? Is it possible to integrate technology into your home without upsetting aesthetics?

The answer is simple really, hide it!

Here at Pure Theatre we are experts in concealing home cinema systems. Our motorised projector lifts allow you to have a projector, which can hide away at the click of a button. A unique lightweight construction encases the projector creating a fully recessed lift mechanism that is only seen when it’s meant to be.

Ways to mount a projector

One of the biggest pieces of technology people are looking to integrate is the projector. 4K and UHD projector volumes grew 49% in volume and 19% in revenues from 2018 to 2019. Once you decide that you want to create your own home cinema and have chosen your preferred projector the next question is how to mount it.

1. Shelf

projector mounted on shelfThe cheapest option for mounting a projector is simply by creating a shelf for it to sit on. There are however lots of issues with this particular method. Firstly the latest projectors are big pieces of kit. They will need a strong and sturdy shelf to hold them without creating a health and safety issue. Secondly these DIY creations really do not look aesthetically pleasing. Often appearing as an after thought. When spending money on creating a home cinema system spending a little extra on a professional projector mount will make all the difference.


2. Ceiling Mount

You can also purchase fixed ceiling mounts, which affix your projector to the ceiling. These offer a very sturdy solution which you can trust not to fall.

If you select an approved ceiling mount from the projector manufacturer they often have many adjustment modes to get your projector in exactly the right position to provide a good picture on your projector screen.


3. Fixed box out

Many of the customers who purchase our projectors are in the midst of a renovation. As such they can often accommodate the projector within their new room design. This is often in the form of a box out or recession into a wall or dropped ceiling. This solution can look extremely sleek and elegant when done well.

The one draw back with this solution is that positioning your projector for a clear view to the screen can be more difficult as you have a small confined space to work in that cant be accessed from any other angle besides the front.


4. Projector Lift

If you are looking for a concealed solution, which will not impair the quality of the projection, then a projector lift is for you. You can hide your projector concealing it in your ceiling. This is simple and easy with our UK manufactured motorised projector mounts designed and engineered in house to the highest standards.

The projector lift can simplify the whole process and automatically turn on and move the screen and any projector lift and av receiver.


Benefits of Pure Theatre Projector Lifts

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a Projector Lift with Pure Theatre...

A Concealed Solution

A unique lightweight aluminium construction encases the projector whilst retaining a smooth exterior profile. This enables homeowners to have a fully recessed lift mechanism that is only seen when it’s meant to be.

Easy Installation

Our lifts are designed with installation in mind, and can easily be fitted to standard ceilings creating the most compact in-ceiling projector lifts available. Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting.

Quiet and Precise

Linked to our own advanced current sensing control system ensures that the lift closes seamlessly every time with near-silent operation.

Advanced Construction

Whether it is the hi-tech Drylin linear bearings or the lightweight aerospace-grade alloy construction, that we bond rather than weld for superior performance, we ensure every detail has been meticulously worked out to provide the perfect lift.

Advanced Features

The projector lift can learn commands from the majority of domestic remote controls, allowing your TV or projector remote to control the lift.

Whether you’re starting out on your first renovation, building a new home, adding the finishing touches or simply looking for inspiration, If you have any queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01952 898 533.

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