Can I place a projector screen in front of windows and doors?

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We often get asked whether our motorised projector screens can sit in front of windows and doors. The simple answer is yes.

Our ceiling recessed motorised screens are manufactured from PVC material with a Fibreglass core. They have a matte white front for the display and a black backing. This combination means that the screens can be fitted in front of windows and doors and light will not penetrate through the screen. 

Lots of our customers have installed our screens in front of windows and doors with great results. In fact often these elements can provide the perfect spaces to integrate the recessed housings. 

Installing a projector screen infront of bifold doors

For example this customer installed a projector screen in front of his bi-fold doors and recesssed in wall speakers above them. The result is sleek and you can see how due to the black backing no light is coming through the material.

Installing a projector screen infront of a bay window

Another popular placement for screens is in front of bay windows. Often bay windows sit directly opposite the seating arrangement in a lounge making it the ideal viewing position for the screen. Additionally the high quality materials we use in our screens can block out a lot of the ambient light from the window whilst you are watching the projector giving you superb picture quality. 

Installing a projector screen in a conservatory/sunroom

We have even have customers who have fitted the projector screens in conservatories/garden rooms. This recent installation in a clients office has doors running all around the projector screen.

 If you would like to discuss your specific room then why not come in for a demo. We can look at your room layout/plans and discuss the best options for screens and placements.



2 months ago
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