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Mid to high end TVs or projectors now use Ultra HD (UHD) resolution, with many also supporting High Dymanic Range (HDR). To support these new features the HDMI cable needs to trasmit a higher data rate of up to 18Gbps. 

We only offer the best HDMI cables that meet the HDMI 2.0 18Gbps certification to guarantee you will achieve the best picture quality possible.

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  6. With XT25 we tackle the proximity effect and the skin effect by combining our existing Aircore™ and X-Tube™ Technologies into a new X-Tube™ variation. By forming the conductors into a tube-like shape with a hollow centre, current densities at higher frequencies are maintained because the electric field which contributes towards the skin effect acts towards the centre of the conductor from where the conductive material has been removed.

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