What is 4K UHD and eShift?

4k Enhanced Image
9 January 2020

What is 4K UHD and eShift?

What is 4K UHD and eShift?

4K enhanced 4K enhanced

4K UHD and eShift

The term 4K refers to the resolution of an electronic display, such as a projection on a screen and has roughly 4000 pixels horizontally. Resolution is the number of pixels in that display and determines if the display is low quality or high quality. This depends on the number of pixels that make up the image or video, and the higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution. 

4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) has a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels giving sharp, hyperrealistic images and videos. Whereas, Full HD offers 1920 x 1080 pixels so has a lower resolution and doesn’t produce picture quality that is as detailed and sharp as 4K does. 

Viewing Distance

If you are interested in a 4K product, ensure that the viewing distance is suitable. With 4K you can have a much larger screen as the resolution is higher or sit closer as there are a higher number of pixels. Also make sure you are viewing 4K content, as not all images and videos are taken in 4K - but with large companies like Netflix and Blu-Ray there is a range of 4K content available, and it is growing.

So what is eShift?

eShift or 4KE (4K Enhancement) is a system that initially starts with a Full HD 1080p chip containing 2.1 million pixels compared to 4K, which starts with an expensive chip containing 8.1 million pixels. When the eshift / 4KE system is activated and a 4K video input signal is detected, it is split into two 1080p images. 
Each pixel is then rapidly shifted diagonally back and forth by a half-a-pixel width by the projector and projected onto the screen. As the shifting of the pixels is so fast, it produces a result approximating a 4K resolution image to the viewer. This result overall totals a display of about 4.1 million pixels and although there are fewer pixels than 4K UHD, it appears as enhanced and does double the standard Full HD resolution. Below is an image to demonstrate this process of Pixel Shifting.

diagram of 4K eshiftdiagram of 4K eshift

4K and 4K Enhanced Projectors

If you are looking for 4K Enhancement technology which creates a stunning image to rival native 4K projectors then take a look at the Epson EH-TW9400.

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