Originally designed for professionals in music and movie, Today JBL Synthesis is available to anyone looking to create a truly premium home cinema experience. Providing immersive sound that captures every detail, those lucky enough to install this system will enjoy movies exactly as the creators intended.

Midlands JBL Synthesis Experience Centre

Until now, JBL Experience Centres, which allow customers to hear this technology first-hand, have been predominantly London-based. Excitingly, we have now opened a JBL Synthesis experience centre at our Ultimate Home Cinema Centre here in the Midlands.  This new JBL Synthesis experience centre will be an incredible opportunity for individuals to truly feel the difference Synthesis can make to a home theatre. 

What is JBL Synthesis?

JBL Synthesis has a rich history with the film industry. In 1983, Lucasfilm selected JBL to develop the first commercial THX® a licensed cinema speaker system. Nine years later, JBL Synthesis released the first THX home theatre system. Today, JBL Synthesis offers the most advanced multi-channel audio systems available in the world. Utilizing the most advanced electronics and loudspeakers the Synthesis system produces sound that envelops you. With perfectly balanced sound and incredible dynamics, a JBL Synthesis system makes each moment of the movie come to life. 


JBL Synthesis AV ReceiverJBL Synthesis AV Receiver


JBL Synthesis surround processor preamplifiers, multichannel amplifiers, and digital equalizers for systems scalable from small to large.

JBL Synthesis LoudspeakerJBL Synthesis Loudspeaker


JBL Synthesis loudspeakers for home theater systems scalable from large to small, visible or hidden


Lets us build your perfect JBL Synthesis system