JBL Synthesis SDP-75 16, 24, 32-Channel AV Processor

The JBL Synthesis SDP-75 opens the way to a whole new generation of luxury home cinema processors, designed for ultimate performance and sustainability within the fast moving home theater entertainment industry. Available in 16-, 24-, and 32-channel configurations, the SDP-75 offers full support for Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, and Auro-3D immerisve audio formats. Powerful Trinnov Optimizer room EQ features JBL Synthesis performance enhancements and provides for incredibly accurate system tuning.

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Description / JBL Synthesis SDP-75 16, 24, 32-Channel AV Processor

About the JBL Synthesis SDP-75

The JBL Synthesis SDP-75 is designed for ultimate performance and sustainability within the fast moving home theater entertainment industry now driven by 3D Audio and 4K Ultra High Definition. Powered by unrivalled processing capabilities and exclusive technologies, the SDP-75 opens the way to a whole new generation of luxury home cinema.

Channel Flexibility to suit you

The SDP-75 is available in 16, 24, and 32 channel versions. It also supports the latest HD Audio and Video formats including D-Cinema while offering 3D audio decoding options and delivering up to 32 discrete, uniquely-rendered channels of immersive audio content at an unprecedented level of quality, for a whole new listening experience, leaving the competition far behind. Our exclusive Anechoic EQ improves loudspeakers at higher frequencies than can be equalized with high-resolution based only on in-room measurements. The SDP-75 is Roon Ready, capable of up-mixing two-channel or multi-channel music from Roon via the built-in Auro Auro-matic, Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X algorithms.

Revolutionary Hardware

At the heart of this new generation of processor is a new approach to processing digital signals, based on a revolutionary hardware architecture that is highly scalable and easy to upgrade.

Instead of traditionally using multiple DSP chips implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, a partnership between JBL Synthesis and Trinnov allowed us to develop a multi-purpose processing platform, based on a multi-core Intel computer processor to provide unrivaled processing capabilities. Used every day in demanding professional environments, this architecture meets the highest requirements in terms of reliability. Despite its extreme sophistication, the SDP- 75 is easy to operate thanks to a unique user-friendly and self-explanatory web-based user interface.

A beautiful partnership

A partnership between JBL Synthesis and Trinnov in the development of the SDP-75 processor has laid the stage for the success of the SDP-75. With over 60 years of audio experience JBL has become the choice of almost all top music and movie professionals in the industry. This experience has allowed JBL to release some of the most influential products being used today.

Trinnov Audio brings years of experience building top of the line processors for numerous consumer and commercial applications. Their team of passionate audio engineers and professionals helps bring to life innovative solutions that are always improving the quality of sound.

The Trinnov Optimizer provides automated multi-point Room EQ, with HARMAN optimization parameters and target responses from HARMAN X research.

Product Highlights

  • 16, 24, or 32 Channel Digital Audio Processor
  • Universal Spatial
  • Accurate 3D Audio Playback
  • 118 Digital and Analog Inputs, and 80 Audio Outputs
  • 7x HDMI Inputs, 2x HDMI Outputs
  • Full Matrix Input/Output
  • User-friendly, self-explanatory user interface
  • Built-in WiFi & UPnP
  • DLNA Compliant Digital Media Renderer
  • Wide choice of remote options


Lead TimeAvailable | Typically 7-10 Days
Auto microphone/room calibrationTrinnov Optimizer
Weight (Kg)14.5
Power Supply240V AC / 50-60 Hz
Power Usage max: 100W
Warranty5 Years
Product Height155
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