When planning a home cinema, seating comfort and design play a crucial role. If you are creating a dedicated home cinema then the choice of furniture will be pivotal to its truly cinematic feel. Moovia Seating will provide a viewing experience enjoyed from the utmost comfort.

Make the most of moovia® chairs’ adjustable headrests and footstools, upper, lower, and middle back support and cup holders. Set temperature and lights to create the perfect ambience. You run the show.

Due to its bespoke nature if you would like to order Moovia Seating please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Moovia Black home cinema chairMoovia Black home cinema chair


Home cinema seating is a very personal choice. The great thing about Moovia seating is its customisability.  If you want to create something truly besoke to your theatre room then you can choose the materials, colours and integrated technology.

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Choice of Materials

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Choice of Colours

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Integrated Technology



Available to view in our dedicated cinema room the VENICE cinema chair blends fantasy and earthiness with a touch of the Baroque. With elegant accent stitching and a noble façade, its  understated grandeur creates an imposing aspect in any home theater or media room. For an extra touch of indulgence, choose ambient lighting, temperature control, massage function and more.

Set of red cinema chairs and loungers with women sitting with feet upSet of red cinema chairs and loungers with women sitting with feet up


Meet the wunderkind of urban cool. With its industrial aesthetic, the BERLIN cinema chair grabs your attention and never lets it go.The striking design is complete with decorative seams, while the furniture mechanics are taken to the next level by Lusch engineering.

Couple sitting on single cinema chair with orange backgroundCouple sitting on single cinema chair with orange background


An organically flowing mixture of clean lines, natural wood, luxe fabric and subtle accent lighting. The STOCKHOLM cinema chair marries form and function in a sleek and sophisticated design that breathes Scandinavian simplicity.

Trio of tan home cinema chairs with cup holdersTrio of tan home cinema chairs with cup holders


The BOSTON cinema chair boasts free-form cushion and adjustable seat draw you in and make you never want to leave. Comfortable and no-nonsense, it makes you feel right at home with optional engine controls for lights and action. A real masterclass in comfort and style.

Cinema room full of chairsCinema room full of chairs

Ready to create your perfect cinema seating?