Spectral 100" NANO 4k|8K Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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Nano 100" is our smallest micro bezel fixed frame screen with smooth white fabric suitable for 4K/8K projectors . It has been designed for simple assembly and easy installation and ensures a perfectly flat screen that is wall mounted.


Pure Theatre Nano 4K|8K Projector Screen

Our Nano 4k | 8K projector screens are wall mounted matt white fabric stretched over a rigid aluminium frame ensuring a flat smooth projector surface from all angles.


Pure Theatre Nano 4K|8K Projector Screen


What Projectors can I use ?

This screen is suitable for all home cinema projectors ranging from standard definition up to 4K and 8K, and works with both DLD and LCD technologies to give a bright true to life image without a visible pixel grid.







More Information
Screen Format16x9 - Widescreen
Screen Size100"
Screen MaterialNANO
Screen Colour Front: Matt White / Back: Black
Raise / Lower time* seconds
Noise:* decibels*
Width2214 mm
Height1054 mm
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary: <1W
Warranty5 Years


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