Pure Theatre CR40 Projector Lift

Pure Theatre CR40 Large Ceiling Recessed Projector Lift is one of our original lifts and is used for concealing projectors in your ceiling space, ideal for the Epson range or other similar sized projectors.

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Description / Pure Theatre CR40 Projector Lift

CR40 Projector Lift


The CR40 projector lift is one of our original lifts used to hide your projector into the ceiling when it's not being used.

The motorised feature of the projector lift allows it to retract at the touch of a button.

Side View Dimensions

The side view shows the CR40 will fit in standard 8" joists, with a distance of 515mm between joists. It is normal to trim a section from one joist to fit the lift.

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Rear View Dimensions

Looking from the rear view you can see that the width required above the plasterboard cutout is 590mm.

Note that the minimum width above the plasterboard is wider then the plasterboard cutout, as the actuators are wider and these step over the plasterboard when installed.

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Concealed Solution

A unique lightweight aluminium construction encases the projector whilst retaining a smooth exterior profile.

This enables home owners to have a fully recessed lift mechanism that is only seen when it’s meant to be.

Easy Installation

As with our screens, lifts are designed with installation in mind, and can easily be fitted to standard ceilings creating the most compact in-ceiling projector lifts available.

Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting.

Built In Control System

Designed and programmed in-house, our control system provides the most advanced features of any screen in the world.

  • 12v trigger/Dry Contact Input
  • 12v trigger/IR Emitter Output
  • RS232 Communication Port

Compatible with all known home automation systems

Quiet and Precise

Our 24v DC linear actuator drive motors provide the fastest, most reliable, and precise operation.

Linked to our own advanced current sensing control system ensures that the lift closes seamlessly every time with near silent operation of only 35dB.

Advanced Construction

Whether its the hi-tech Drylin linear bearings or the lightweight aerospace grade alloy construction, that we bond rather than weld for superior performance, we ensure every detail has been meticulously worked out to provide the perfect motorised lift.

Software Configuration App

Do you want to change the way the projector lift operates, update firmware, or simply see how many times it’s gone up and down?

Well now you can with our Control Pad software. Free to download, It has all the features you could possibly need.


Pure Theatre Projector Lift's can be Powder Coated in-house to allow for a custom finish in your choice of colour. For an additional charge, our expert engineers can help to conceal your Projector Lift just that bit further to allow for an effortless blend into any chosen living space. 

Pure Theatre is an established engineering company specialising in products which transform any room into a home cinema. Providing a combination of the latest branded technology with UK manufactured motorised housings we have all the elements needed for you to install your perfect home cinema.

To ensure that our customers can see the products in action we are proud to give public access to our Ultimate Home Cinema Centre. The centre include an short throw demo area, a concealed home cinema demo area and an impressive dedicated home cinema which has been given the Arcam's Centre of Cinematic Excellence mark of approval. 

Offering the very latest technology from top brands including Sony, Epson, JVC, Dali, Monitor Audio and more. Not only serving customers online but also at our physical retail facility in Telford, Shropshire.

"Amazing customer service & amazing product! Highly recommend"

Amy Wong


"Very honest company - spoke to a gentleman called Mick - very impressed - a company that gives an honest opinion father than just sell you anything - very rare nowadays and therefore highly commendable - highly recommended."



"Good range of products, quick delivery and first class technical support when requested."

Geoffrey Graves


"Pure Theatre was excellent from start to end. I found the phone consults to extremely helpful, tailored to my specific needs and professionally done; no upselling, no talking down to you, etc. The email follow-ups were equally helpful, and very timely (after accounting for time zone changes).

Once we were ready to order some products, the ordering and shipping process was easy and seamless. The products shipped in 2–3 days despite us being located in California, USA.

Finally, the installed product is excellent. After having seen some sketchy-looking in-ceiling installations using other products, I was admittedly a bit worried, but the lift and projector are nearly invisible and look very polished. We're super happy with our purchase!"




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Lead TimeIn Stock | Next Day Delivery Available........
ManufacturerPure Theatre
Lift Dimensions (W x D x H)630cm x 58.5cm x 21cm
Max. Projector (W x D x H)47cm x 44cm x 19cm
Maximum Weight (kg)22 kg
Raise / Lower time5 seconds
Noise:35 decibels
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary:
Warranty5 years return to base
Weight (Kg)14 Kg



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180cm Ceiling Recessed Projector Screen
As low as £1,050.00 £875.00
Pure Theatre CR160 Recessed Projector Screen
As low as £950.00 £791.67


Customer Reviews

Smart, top quality projector lift
Review by Jon
This lift was very easy to fit, slotting straight between joists, it is very well designed and operates quietly & smoothly. I purchased this lift along with a ceiling recessed projector screen and 12v trigger module so when I lower and raise the screen, the projector lowers and raises at the same time.
I had a few issues making a template up to mount my Optoma HD33 upside down in the housing to get the correct throw angle but once fitted, the whole operation is smooth, stylish and reliable.
A top product!
Pure Genius!
Review by Phil
If Carlsberg did Home Cinema it would probably be Pure Theatre...

I am a home Cinema and AV enthusiast as well as a custom installer. This is my review of what I consider to be the best Home Cinema products on the market.

The time came for "upgradeitus" one of the things I had always wanted was a decent in ceiling projector lift for my Epson TW 4400. The main criteria was that I wanted the projector to be hidden when not in use as this is our family lounge.

In the past I have fitted all makes of projector lifts from different companies such as Beamax, Draper, ProAV to name a few, all good products, but, the problem being none would fit into the space in my ceiling. The joists are 200mm or 8" x 2" in old money, no other lifts would fit into the void without building a massive bulkhead which sort of defeated the purpose of what I wanted to achieve. I spent several years searching for the right product to no avail, that was until I came across the "Pure Theatre" website. The large ceiling recessed projector lift at £1,275.00 was not only more than half the price of other products, it would actually fit into a standard ceiling void in a house, not only that, this lift looks stunning and is way ahead of other products in the Home Cinema market. I also ordered the 12v Trigger Module with RS232 and IR output for my screen and lift.

I ordered direct via the phone which was a breeze, Pure Theatre staff was ever so helpful and very knowledgeable about their own products. Payment was made via debit card although you can also order direct from the website which is great to peruse. I ordered late Wednesday afternoon and the lift arrived early Friday morning. I was like a kid at Christmas! I could not wait to un box my new toy.

After checking my measurements and looking under the floor I knew that I would have to make some adjustments to the joists. One joist would be directly in the way of my new Lift. This was no problem as I would trim the joists into the opposite direction. Once the box was opened and after perusing through the instructions, it was time to start fitting my new ceiling recessed projector lift. The lift comes with its own metal template that is used for marking the opening, just offer the template up making sure everything is square , scribe around the inside of it with a pencil and mark the 8mm holes. It is so simple, you then drill through the previously marked holes, I then drilled a further hole on the inside of the pencil line so that i could get my jigsaw blade in ready to cut out the plasterboard. Whilst cutting out the ceiling I knew there would be a joist in the way so off I went upstairs ready to take a few floor boards up. I then had to prop the floor so I could cut out the offending joist that was in the way. This was then trimmed in the opposite direction using joist hangers and some new timber with a few fixings. At the same time I had to move a few electrical feeds that was used in my previous setup for the Epson Projector including a double socket and HDMI leads, etc.

Once everything was prepped it was time to drop the metal template into position and line them up with the previously 8mm drilled holes. Like a dream these lined up perfectly. Next I tested the lift was working before separating the mechanism from the projector housing. I then installed the transformer into the ceiling cavity and connected it to my mains power supply allowing for the 24 volt plug to hang down for easy connection to the lift.

With my step ladders in place I offered the the lift up to its new home and fixed in place using the screws supplied into the template. What surprised me was how sturdy this was when fixed in place. There is further fixing points via the two brackets for later when nearing completion. The lift fitted like a glove! Wow, how happy I felt. After admiring my work for some twenty minutes with a well earned brew it was time for the next stage.

After placing the Epson Projector into the tray it was time to lift up the housing and fit into the lift mechanism using the two fixings on each side. I then completed final fixings and secured all the screws. The lift was now ready to use. I could not get my hands on the supplied remote quick enough pressing down on the remote control. Almost instantly the Pure Theatre Lift purred down into place looking even more stunning than I thought it would. Time to press up, then down, then up, then down, etc.

This lift is without doubt a superb bit of kit, it is easy to fit and looks far better than other lifts I have fitted in the past. The price is easy within the budget of most home cinema enthusiasts considering other lifts cost more than twice the price. It works flawlessly and is quiet and very pleasing to the eye. The other thing that springs to mind is how clever the design is, whoever thought that they never had the room for a lift in the ceiling now do as Pure Theatre have designed their products to fit in most dwellings between standard floor joists - Pure Genius!!

Imagine pressing a button on your remote and the projector automatically switches on while the screen and lift purr down into position showing your favourite channel. All this in a matter of seconds using products supplied by the Rolls Royce of home cinema - Pure theatre.
Hidden projector at last.
Review by Jenny H
Have finally hidden our projector I the ceiling with the large lift. It looks great !

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