Pure Theatre CR25 Projector Lift

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The CR25 is our smallest recessed Projector Lift.

Suitable projectors are:

Optoma HD39D


CR25 Projector Lift

The CR25 projector lift is our smallest entry level projector mount used to hide your projector into the ceiling when it's not being used.

Due to the small size of the projectors, the fitting of the lift has to be more accurate to ensure the lens is central to the screen and the throw distance is correct.


Side View Dimensions

Looking from the side view you can see this is one of our smaller projector lifts and will fit in 6" joists, with a distance of 330mm between joists.


Rear View Dimensions

Looking from the rear view you can see that the width required above the plasterboard cutout is 590 mm.

Note that the minimum width above the plasterboard is wider then the plasterboard cutout, as the actuators are wider and these step over the plasterboard when installed.


Concealed Solution

A unique lightweight aluminium construction encases the projector whilst retaining a smooth exterior profile.

This enables home owners to have a fully recessed lift mechanism that is only seen when it’s meant to be.


Easy Installation

As with our screens, lifts are designed with installation in mind, and can easily be fitted to standard ceilings creating the most compact in-ceiling projector lifts available.

Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting.


Built In Control System

Designed and programmed in-house, our control system provides the most advanced features of any screen in the world.

  • 12v trigger/Dry Contact Input
  • 12v trigger/IR Emitter Output
  • RS232 Communication Port


Compatible with all known home automation systems.


Quiet and Precise

Our 24v DC linear actuator drive motors provide the fastest, most reliable, and precise operation.

Linked to our own advanced current sensing control system ensures that the lift closes seamlessly every time with near silent operation of only 35dB.


Advanced Construction

Whether its the hi-tech Drylin linear bearings or the lightweight aerospace grade alloy construction, that we bond rather than weld for superior performance, we ensure every detail has been meticulously worked out to provide the perfect lift.


Software Configuration App

Do you want to change the way the projector lift operates, update firmware, or simply see how many times it’s gone up and down?

Well now you can with our Control Pad software. Free to download, It has all the features you could possibly need.


More Information
Lift Dimensions (W x D x H)540mm x 400mm x 155mm
Max. Projector (W x D x H)380mm x 260mm x 125mm
Lifting Capacity12 kg
Raise / Lower time4 seconds
Noise:30 decibels
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary:
Warranty5 years return to base
Weight (Kg)8 Kg
Boxed Weight (Kg)25.000000
Box Height (cm)28.000000
Box Width (cm)52.000000
Box Length (cm)65.000000

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  1. Brilliant Piece of Kit
    Having owned The Projector Lift for over Five years, its a brilliant piece of kit. Visitors admire it as much as the Screen (also Pure Theatre). The customer services is the best I have ever known. Buy you won't have any regrets.

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