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Pure Theatre CUSTOM Projector Screen

Pure Theatre
CR-Series Custom
As low as £2,750.00 £2,291.67
Pure Theatre CR Custom Screen allows to you choose the exact dimensions of your projector screen. We will hand build to your specification a projector screen that perfectly fits your requirements.


Why choose the CR CUSTOM

The CR Custom Screen allows to you choose the exact dimensions of your projectror screen. We will hand build to your specification, a projector screen that perfectly fits your requirements.

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How big is the CR CUSTOM

The CR Custom screen is made to your exacting requirements. Simply tell us the size and we will do the rest.

Black borders are 5cm wide so take this into account when working out your viewable size..



Built In Control System

Designed and programmed in-house, our control system provides the most advanced features of any screen in the world.

  • 12v trigger/Dry Contact Input
  • 12v trigger/IR Emitter Output
  • RS232 Communication Port

Compatible with all known home automation systems.

Fastest Movement

To produce the fastest, most accurate projector screens on the market, we did away with the traditional 240v AC motor and developed a special 24v DC motor.

DC provides greater positional control, allowing us to drop our screens more accurately and in less than 8 seconds.

High Accuracy Multiple Stops

Magnetic encoder technology is used to measure the screen position allowing for high accuracy and multiple programmable stops.

Independent programming, fine tuning and erase facility for each stop allow you to customise your screen position.

Polymer Mounting

To ensure our screens are quiet and vibration free we isolate the roller tube from the motor using custom made polymer mounts, and support the roller tube with a fully raced ball bearing for a lifetime of service.

To ensure quality control we produce our own polymer mounts in-house.

Concealed Solution

Developed to have minimum visual impact, you won't even notice the screen once installed in your ceiling void

By eliminating the need for a trap door with the world’s thinnest weight bar you can be sure the screen will only be seen when you want it to be.

Easy Installation

Designed with installation in mind our screen’s can be easily fitted to existing ceilings and at only 11cm high, are the most compact in ceiling screens available.

Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting the screen.

Unique Roller Tube

The most important part of any screen is the roller tube that supports the fabric.

Our unique design incorporates a spiral shaped outer, with internal stiffening ribs, and being made from aerospace grade materials ensure our screen’s are perfectly flat and without tram lines every time you use them.

Adjustable Weight Bar

Designed to make the screen look more like a TV and less like a projector screen, our adjustable weight bar is the same width as the fabric and powder coated black to ensure a seamless look.

Custom made from a single piece of Aluminium and CNC machined with the Pure Theatre™ logo for that added touch of class.

Tab Tension Free Design

Tab tensioning systems were invented to ensure elastic screen materials are stretched tight.

Our advanced Fibre Glass reinforced fabric removes the stretch and therefore the need for that ugly tab tensioning, providing a stunning looking screen that’s perfectly flat, and without that irritating edge curl.

Digitally Printed Black Borders

Black screen borders enhance perceived image clarity creating a richer, more realistic image.

Incorporating a longer black border at the top allows for a lower viewing position making it more comfortable to watch.

We also digitally print every screen surface for the perfect size and best finish possible..


More Information
SKUCR-Series Custom
ManufacturerPure Theatre
Screen SizeCustom - Call to discuss
Screen MaterialCustom - Call to discuss
Screen Colour Custom - Call to discuss
Raise / Lower timeCustom - Call to discuss
Noise:Custom - Call to discuss
Power SupplyCustom - Call to discuss
Power Usage Custom - Call to discuss
WarrantyCustom - Call to discuss
Weight (Kg)Custom - Call to discuss
Boxed Weight (Kg)30.000000


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