Spectral Custom ACOUSTIC 4K|8K Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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Acoustic Custom is hand made to suit your dimensions. Consisting of is our smallest micro bezel fixed frame screen with Acoustically transparent fabric used when the speakers are positioned behind the screen. This screen is suitable for 4K/8K projectors and has been designed for simple assembly and easy installation and ensures a perfectly flat screen that is wall mounted.


Acoustic 4K|8K Projector Screen

Our Acoustic 4K | 8K projector screens are wall mounted micro woven matt white fabric designed to allow speakers to be positioned behind the screen.

With a black backing scrim the 2 layer fabrics provide optimal sound transmission whilst maintaning stunning picture quality.


Pure Theatre Acoustic Projector Screen 4K|8K


What Projectors can I use ?

This screen is suitable for all home cinema projectors ranging from standard definition up to 4K and 8K, and works with both DLD and LCD technologies to give a bright true to life image without a visible pixel grid.







More Information
Screen Format16x9 - Widescreen
Screen SizeCustom
Screen MaterialAcoustic
Screen Colour Front: Matt White / Back: Black
Raise / Lower time* seconds
Noise:* decibels*
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary: <1W
Warranty5 Years


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