REL S/812 Subwoofer

REL S812 Subwoofer delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance for both music and film sound, and does so with style, beauty and devastating power.

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Description / REL S/812 Subwoofer

The All New REL S/812 Subwoofer


For S/812, every aspect of the previous generation’s inner workings were examined without regard to its critical and customer-driven success. We turned a fresh eye to power requirements, driver improvements, and specialty filters, upgrading each to extract all the extra performance possible. All this alongside the cabinet refinements necessary for those upgrades to emerge cleanly. This latest S range is a triumphant development that has exceeded every expectation of our design team.

Our requirements were for far stronger deep bass output between 19-35 Hz, vastly improved theatre dynamics, and an even more open and spacious soundfield which benefits both music and film. We turned to our NextGen5 amplifier, tuned to 800 watts, with huge reserves of power beyond this, added a light film of carbon fibre to the rear of the driver to handle the extra power, and developed two new sets of custom filters to extract the utmost in brute force and spaciousness. Finally, we imbued 812 with the ability to be stacked in 4- or 6-unit line arrays, just like our reference models.


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Manufacturer Rel Acoustics
Frequency Response -6dB at 19 Hz
Amplifier Power Output 800 W
Drivers Unit Complement 12 in., 300mm long-throw, Continuous CastAlloy™ cone structure, cast chassis
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary: <1W
Width 430 mm
Depth 514 mm
Product Height 455 mm
Weight (Kg) 34
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
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