REL HT1508 Predator

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REL HT1508 Predator Subwoofer is the standard bearer for REL’s rapidly growing home theatre-centric range designed to emphasize exceptionally high output. Powerful, whilst remaining relatively compact, Predator is a game changer in the realm of large-scale theatre.


Redefining Power and Value


Predator is devastating when used in dedicated high powered home theater applications, but also transforms the serious gamer’s experience and partners beautifully with active wireless speakers for music reproduction. HT/1508 is a unique combination of lightweight, modern 15” CarbonGlas™ (380mm) driver, coupled to a powerful 800W linear power supply amp that runs cool, producing extraordinary dynamics and consumes merely 20 watts at idle. Internally, REL developed specially adapted home theater input filters that produce extremely flat bass down into the low 20’s.

REL designed the driver of the 1508 to be light and accurately reactive; theatre sound can and should be at times light, playful, funny and at times terrifying or awe-inspiring. Deep bass that reacts quickly and effortlessly to these changes during a film creates a much more satisfying experience of the medium than typical theatre subs can supply.

As with the entire HT range, Predator’s industrial design wastes nothing on ornamentation for its own sake and delivers a simple, yet satisfying, design that borrows themes of line-grained aluminium contrasting with a sophisticated, polished top surface. Instead of mere feet, Predator uses full depth rails necessary to better cope with the force it produces.


More Information
ManufacturerRel Acoustics
Amplifier Power Output800 W
Drivers Unit Complement15 in., carbon fiber reinforced cone with inverted carbon fiber centre cap
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary: <1W
Width500 mm
Depth457 mm
Height492 mm
Weight (Kg)36 kg
Warranty3 Year Warranty


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