REL Acoustics Baseline Blue Subwoofer cable

Rel Acoustics
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Designed by REL's expert engineers, the Bassline Blue interconnect cable is key to optimising any REL Subwoofer. Available in 3M, 6M and 10M at Pure Theatre.


The Ultimate Upgrade of Sound 

Designed and Constructed by REL's expert engineers, the Bassline Blue cable will upgrade every aspect of sound performance provided by the host. With new and improved illumination of sound, light is brought into the stage as well as dynamic shadings becoming more evident. 

REL's Quality Copper

Exceeding industry expectations, REL employs cooper of the highest quality commonly used for military purposes and high speed telecommunications. Bassline Blue uses solely slow-drawn, high purity copper, drawn in a nitrogen bath to minimise impurities on the surface of the wire.

High level, even Higher performance

REL Bassline Blue employs swiss-made Neutrik SpeakOn connectors at the input to the REL sub bass system. The connector has defined itself as reliable, high quality, neutral and mechanically ideal for high level input circuitry. 


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