Dirac Calibration Service

Dirac Calibration includes our trained DIRAC Live Specialists coming to your home to perform system calibration, diagnostics to help you get the most from your room setup.

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Description / Dirac Calibration Service

What is a Dirac Calibration?

Dirac Live is a powerful solution that helps you get the best from your speakers. Dirac Live and its various features use research-driven acoustic processing algorithms to analyze your room and reduce its impact on sound quality, resulting in speaker performance that would be physically impossible otherwise. Our calibration team have advanced Dirac training and during a calibration will be able to fully optimise your system to ensure the very best sound.

Key benefits of Dirac Calibration

1. Improved localization of sound events, so-called staging.
2. Better clarity and intelligibility in music and speech.
3. A deeper and tighter bass free of resonances throughout the entire listening area.


Lead Time Available | Typically 7-10 Days
Manufacturer Pure Theatre
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