Centre Channel Speakers

Centre Channel Speakers are essential for handling the majority of the dialogue in movies. Getting the correct centre, in the optimum spot, will complete your home cinema system.

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Monitor Audio Radius One (LCR) Home Cinema Speakers  | Pure Theatre
Monitor Audio Radius One LCR Speaker incorporates a string of C-CAM drivers arranged in three sets of 4" bass driver/1" tweeter pairings, each with its own dedicated reflex-ported chamber.
As low as £575.00 £479.17
Monitor Audio Bronze C150 White
Monitor Audio Bronze C150 Centre Speaker has been designed to bring movie sound into your home. The C150 gives a controlled yet powerful audio presentation to immerse you in the action.
As low as £195.00 £162.50
Monitor Audio Radius 225 Walnut
Monitor Audio Radius 225 Speaker is just 65mm in depth, making it the perfect match with today’s ultra-thin displays. It can be used as a Centre channel or Main speaker.
As low as £325.00 £270.83
Monitor Audio Silver C250 Centre Speaker 7G
The Silver C250 7G Centre Speaker promises to make your favourite films sound better than ever. Creating that big, cinematic sound you can both hear and feel, making those iconic movie moments unforgettable.
As low as £600.00 £500.00
Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre Speaker
Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre Speaker is designed for rack or shelf mounting in a dedicated home theatre system and can be placed front and centre in a serious AV system.
As low as £225.00 £187.50
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