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REL No.25 Subwoofer employs RELS most advanced design, engineering and craftsmanship featuring wireless receivers to enjoy performance without being limited to only a few locations.


The Holy Grail of a REL experience


Rel’s No.25 Subwoofer is a premium subwoofer combining the power of an ultra-reliable 1,000 watt amplifier, with a lightweight and perfectly balanced carbon fibre 15” driver. The No.25 features REL’s renowned filter sets and proprietary crossovers with two separate parametric equalizers which permit flat in-room responses whilst maintaining speed and resolution. With this premium sub, Rel wanted their customers to enjoy such a phenomenal performance without the restrictions of only a few locations. As such, Rel designed their legendary LongBow™ wireless receivers into each No.25. With zero compression, stunning dynamics and bass extensions can be produced without being fastened to a cable. This is a key example of how Rel strives to offer the most thoughtful solutions to provide the best audio experience in the world.

Two REL No. 25 Subwoofers by a fire placeTwo REL No. 25 Subwoofers by a fire place


Clarity developed from Strength and Elegance

Not only does the Rel No.25 possess physical beauty but the manner in which it manages the critical backwave propagating from the rear surface of the 15” carbon fibre piston at its heart is a new standard. The unique shape of the No.25 was designed with the intention of canceling much of the incredible force created by the inward stroke as your sub reloads for it’s next set of demands. This backwave must be kept as silent as possible in parallel with allowing the driver to ‘breathe’ without compressing dynamics.

The curvilinear walls of the cabinet work to deflect, diffuse and dissipate these waves into smaller cross plane waves. Rear waves are minimised and eventually emerge as comb filtering (noise that cancels the  primary bass). This is how clear, purposeful bass can stride into any room with tremendous energy creating the ultimate audio experience. Rel’s design team are known to go to extreme lengths to deliver nothing but the finest subwoofer extant. Rel’s No.25 is composed of 30mm thick Australian MDF which has been transected by hardwood sars that can break up common mode resonances within the top surface of the cabinet and in turn, break down its sidewalls. 

Black REL No.25 Subwoofer in a living spaceBlack REL No.25 Subwoofer in a living space

Creating Perfection

Natural Floor to Ceiling Bass

Rel’s reference line arrays permits bass to emerge naturally, adding a height component in how it propagates throughout the room. With the bottom unit reinforcing the deepest overtones to produce room shake, the middle location provides the crisp attack and articulation of kick drums or any transient-based event. The unit imparts the flutter of all manner of instruments floating in air. This product is the Holy Grail of the Rel Audio Experience.

Six REL No. 25 Subwoofers by a fireplaceSix REL No. 25 Subwoofers by a fireplace

Agile Power

Scalable Bass, from Whispers to Boom

It almost goes without saying that huge power is needed to invest the No.25 with all that it is capable of. The beast of a 1,000 watt NextGen3 amplifier that powers No.25 has proven itself previously, making Rel comfortable with its reliability as well as its sonic performance.

Rigid Speed

A Carbon Fibre Cone

Rel’s No.25 has a heart of pure carbon. Rel opted for a cone material that is stronger than steel but still light. No.25’s 15” cone structure weighs 70% less than a 10” cone of just two years ago. This perfect combination of light weight coupled with structural integrity is what gives No.25 it’s renowned speed and power.

Total Control

Fine Tuning in the palm of your hand

Simply pick up your remote to begin your relationship with REL Reference. Feel its heft and how its rounded contours fit gently in the cup of your hand. Designed to encourage finely detailed decisions to achieve the perfect balance to the ultimate system owner.

Need some assistance?

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More Information
ManufacturerRel Acoustics
Amplifier Power Output1000 W
Drivers Unit Complement15 in., 380mm long-throw, carbon fibre cone with inverted carbon fibre dust cap
Power Supply100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Usage max: 375W / Stationary: <1W
Width736.5 mm
Depth762 mm
Height540 mm
Weight (Kg)76 kg
Warranty3 Year Warranty


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