Rack Mount Shelves

Pure Theatre 19” AV Rack Mount Shelves are precision engineered to fit your AV Equipment for the ultimate installation of your home entertainment system. Manufactured in the UK, our Shelves are safe and secure and simply finished to perfection. Using computer aided design and laser cut contours we ensure that your devices fit perfectly every time. To finish, we use a hard wearing powder coated finish, in matt black texture, so you can be sure your AV equipment will look right at home.

We manufacture the rack mount shelves right here in the UK. Designed to be fixed near to the front of any cupboard or piece of furniture so it is simple to convert a cupboard or custom made piece of furniture into a fully fledged AV rack. Covering the widest range of devices of anyone in the UK including Sonos, Playstation, Xbox, Bluray players, AV receivers and more. Not only do we have a great range we also offer Worldwide Shipping on our Rack Mount Shelves. 

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