REL Subwoofers

REL know what they are good at and do it to perfection. We supply a range of REL Subwoofers which we also trust in our very own demo rooms. The perfect subwoofer can transform an entire home theatre system by providing a deep floor rumbling foundation of bass, while adding depth and clarity to the mid-tones, allowing the speakers to spring to life, expanding the entire soundstage.

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REL T5x Subwoofer
REL T/5X Subwoofer is perfect for small and medium rooms. For those picky about style, the hidden bonus is this design eliminates even the grill, rendering it the purest of forms.
As low as £699.00 £582.50
REL T/7x Subwoofer
REL T7X Subwoofer is compact enough to end arguments before they begin; while powerful enough to easily answer most needs and balanced enough to blend beautifully with many of the quality speakers out there and still flexible enough to work in specialty applications.
As low as £999.00 £832.50
REL T/9x Subwoofer-Black
The REL T9X Subwoofer sacrifices nothing in clarity and transparency to achieve the all new 9x with greater output than before. The improved sound system is ideal for larger rooms and high-end home cinemas.
As low as £1,299.00 £1,082.50
HT-Air Wireless Front + Rear
There is wireless and there is REL wireless. Following in the footsteps of the Arrow™ and Longbow™ Wireless, HT-Air delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and wow factor of great sounding wireless. Designed for Serie HT
£110.00 £91.67
REL G1 MK II Black Subwoofer with grille
REL G1 MKII Subwoofer represents a study in contrast. Familiar, yet different—visibly unchanged, better in every way than the original G1, our best-selling reference sub.
£5,000.00 £4,166.67
REL Carbon Special Subwoofer
REL Carbon Special Subwoofer is a new limited availability model, featuring the third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, CSP passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke and is powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier.
£3,799.00 £3,165.83
REL 212SX Black Subwoofer
REL 212SX Black Subwoofer features upgraded alloy drivers with stronger carbon fiber blades and a new flat passive radiator with extends even deeper than the 212/SE.
£4,499.00 £3,749.17
REL Acoustics Bassline blue front view subwoofer cable
Designed by REL's expert engineers, the Bassline Blue interconnect cable is key to optimising any REL Subwoofer. Available in 3M, 6M and 10M at Pure Theatre.
As low as £399.00 £332.50
Rel HT-Air Wireless Transmitter Front
Following on the heels of the acclaimed LongBow™ Wireless, Arrow delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and pure cool factor of great wireless. Compatible only with Serie T/i. Not compatible with Tzero.
£199.00 £165.83
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