Monitor Audio Silver Speakers

Whatever you choose from the Monitor Audio Silver Series you will love the fabulous sound and design of these home cinema speakers. Immerse yourself in abundant dynamics, rich textures and immense detail and enjoy the holographic clarity and pinpoint imaging which every Silver Series model creates.

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Monitor Audio Silver 50 Speakers Satin White 7G
The Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G brings studio precision to your living room, in a design optimised to the acoustics of an ordinary home. For you, that means deep bass and stunning sound in a compact shape.
As low as £575.00 £479.17
Silver 100 7G
The Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G is a beautifully crafted bookshelf speaker featuring Rigid Surface Technology and a new tweeter design, it’s built to eliminate distortion wherever possible.
As low as £750.00 £625.00
Monitor Audio Silver C250 Centre Speaker 7G
The Silver C250 7G Centre Speaker promises to make your favourite films sound better than ever. Creating that big, cinematic sound you can both hear and feel, making those iconic movie moments unforgettable.
As low as £600.00 £500.00
Monitor Audio Silver 200 Speakers 7G ash
Monitor Audio's Silver 200 7G floor standing speakers feature a new RST II mid-bass driver design for the ultimate in clarity. Perfectly suited to most living rooms, these speakers are designed to make extraordinary sound part of your everyday world.
As low as £1,150.00 £958.33
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Floorstanding Speakers
The Silver 300 Floor standing 7G Speakers features real-wood veneers for a natural look, along with a newly developed Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II driver design for the most natural possible sound. It’s designed to reduce distortion, so when your music’s loud, it remains very, very clear.
As low as £1,450.00 £1,208.33
Monitor Audio Silver 500 Speakers
Monitor Audio's Silver 500 7G are beautifully crafted floor standing speakers with a punchy bass and a great high and mid-range response.
As low as £1,725.00 £1,437.50
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