Monitor Audio Gold Speakers

The Monitor Audio Gold Series of speakers is the result of decades of experience in producing award-winning loudspeakers. Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the Gold Series has been designed to deliver performance to enjoy for a lifetime.

Monitor Audio loudspeakers are admired for their peerless combination of aesthetic beauty, flawless construction and exquisite sound. Each of the six models in the Gold Series has been painstakingly designed and meticulously constructed by a team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen.

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Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers
The Gold 300 has been engineered to deliver a true audiophile experience. Premium driver technology taken from our flagship Platinum II speakers has been melded with class-leading cabinet construction to produce a speaker designed to last a lifetime.
As low as £4,400.00 £3,666.67
Monitor Audio Gold 200 Floorstanding speakers
The Gold 200 is the most compact floorstander in the series. As with our other Gold stand mount and floorstanding speakers, it combines the driver technology of our Platinum II flagship speakers and beautiful cabinetry to stunning effect.
As low as £3,190.00 £2,658.33
Monitor Audio Gold FX Surround Speaker Gen5
The Gold FX has been designed to immerse the listener in a compelling surround sound experience. Monitor Audio’s premium driver technology ensures an unforgettable audio performance.
As low as £1,870.00 £1,558.33
Monitor Audio Gold W12 Subwoofer
For lovers of deep and refined bass notes, the Gold W12 is a must-have addition to any speaker set-up. Every soundtrack is reinforced by the deep and balanced depth effortlessly delivered by our premium subwoofer.
As low as £2,310.00 £1,925.00
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