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To make sure your home cinema performs at its very best you need to ensure the cables you are using are up for the job. QED cables are known for their performance capabilities whether it be for speaker cables or HDMI Cables.

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QED Performance Subwoofer Cable
QED Performance Subwoofer Cable features dual electro-static shielding for enhanced signal integrity and quasi-balanced twisted pair geometry to provide a pure, noise free experience, with QED offering a lifetime guarantee.
As low as £54.95 £45.79
QED Profile Subwoofer Cable
QED Profile Subwoofer Cable features an ultra-compact and flexible design. With a miniature outside diameter of 4mm and shielding for an enhanced signal protection you are ensured the best from your subwoofer, with a lifetime guarantee.
As low as £27.95 £23.29
QED Profile Audio Cable Phono - Phono
QED Profile Audio Phono-Phono Cable is a high performance, compact and flexible stereo phono to phono interconnect to connect your portable or mini hi-fi components to your amplifier or receiver, with a lifetime guarantee.
As low as £22.95 £19.12
QED SCrewloc Banana Plugs pair
Designed for use where speed and convenience are the paramount concern, these connectors make the most of the Screwloc style termination providing a twin conductor clamp to suit cable diameters up to 3.25mm. The new forte plugs are 24k Gold Plated which has a resistivity almost as low as copper but more importantly does not oxidise in air.
£27.00 £22.50
QED Performance Premium HDMI
QED Performance Premium HDMI Cable has been designed based off QED's previous experience, resulting in a diameter which has been further reduced to improve the Cable's flexibility, yet maintain its capability to transmit 4k60 video.
As low as £32.95 £27.46
QED Reference Subwoofer 40
QED Reference Subwoofer 40 has been designed primarily for low capacitance, creating a tight sound which retains the rhythm of the original piece, vital when it comes to the ‘bottom end!’. The QED AnalocTM plug design helps to control eddy currents, maintaining high-fidelity from start to finish.
As low as £99.95 £83.29
QED XT25 Performance Speaker Cable
With XT25 we tackle the proximity effect and the skin effect by combining our existing Aircore™ and X-Tube™ Technologies into a new X-Tube™ variation. By forming the conductors into a tube-like shape with a hollow centre, current densities at higher frequencies are maintained because the electric field which contributes towards the skin effect acts towards the centre of the conductor from where the conductive material has been removed.
As low as £79.95 £66.62
QED Profile 79 Strand Speaker Cable (BLACK) 1m
Only QED 79 Strand cable gives you amazing performance combined with convenience to cope with the most demanding placement situations. QED 79 strand uses a 'figure 8' construction and is the only cable ever to win the prestigious "Federation of British Audio TEST OF TIME" Award. This cable is ideal for use in all installations.
£2.00 £1.67
QED Professional LSZH 2-Core Speaker Cable -100m
QX16/2 and QX16/4 LSZH are high performance and exceptional quality installation speaker cables with the added bonus of a fully certificated LSZH fire rated design. They deliver excellent levels of performance in all multi-room and home cinema installations. Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH).
£120.00 £100.00
QED Profile Optical Cable
QED Profile Optical Cable delivers great sound from your TV, CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Games console to your DAC, amplifier or receiver with lifetime guarantee and a discreet, flexible design.
As low as £22.95 £19.12
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