AV Rack FAQs

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We use a hard-wearing powder-coated finish on our AV racks, in matt black texture, so you can be sure your AV equipment will look right at home.

Our rack mount trays incorporate a rubber-edged clamping bar that holds your device in place.

No, we do not supply magnetic face plates. Our rack mount shelves have been specifically designed by our in house engineers to combat the issues people faced with magnetic faceplates and there inability to stay in the correct position. Our rack shelves are built to last and are sturdy and stable, no more faceplates falling or slipping.

Yes we do offer dealer pricing on our AV racks. If you would like to become a dealer of our products then please use our dealer form

If you have a device that doesn’t already have a rack mount shelf, we will custom-make one for you.

Simply send us your device so we can scan it. Then arrange collection when it's ready. For more information on custom racks please click here.