Rack Mount Shelves

RM­ Series are precision made 19” rack mount shelves designed and manufactured in the UK BY Pure Theatre ™ Our approach to concealing AV equipment, and all of those irritating cables, is to integrate a front fascia plate with a supporting shelf. This creates
a one piece rack mount shelf that’s not only contoured to fit the AV device perfectly, but also makes installation a dream. Many new homes now come pre wired for 19” rack mounts, so why not move your AV equipment into a Pure TheatreTM Rack Mount and into the future

Key Features

  • Custom Built Option

    As we design & build all our products in-house we are sure to have a rack shelf to suit your needs and if you have a device that doesn’t already have a rack mount shelf, we will custom make one for you.

  • Finished to Perfection

    Using computer aided design and laser cut contour’s, along with a hard wearing powder coated finish in RAL 9005 Matt black texture, you can be sure your av equipment will look right at home.

  • No Expense Spared

    To make sure your AV device is mounted neatly in the middle of each rack mount shelf, we incorporate an additional spacer tray where necessary, to lift up the device. This may cost a little more to manufacture, but we know it’s the right thing to do.

  • Safe and Secure

    Our rack mount trays incorporate a rubber edged clamping bar that holds your device in place. This not only keeps it secure but also stops the device moving around when buttons are being pressed.

  • Modular Installation

    With the Pure Theatre Rack Mount kit you can simply attach the two multi-threaded mount bars to the front of any custom made furniture with the correct width opening. This allow’s for simple fitting of the Pure RM-Series shelves.

  • Infra Red Emitter

    Sometimes you will need to position an IR emitter on the front of your device, so don’t worry, we allow for that too by incorporating a small wire slot directly under the IR receiver location.

Rack Mount Shelves