Projector Lifts

Discreetly conceal your projector within standard height ceiling joists which silently descends at the press of a button. Our advanced control automatically turns your projector ON,making it as easy
to operate as a TV. A complete range of size’s can accomodate all known home cinema projectors, but dont worry if we dont have one to suit, we will simply custom build you the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Projector lift Concealed Solution

    Concealed Solution

    A unique lightweight aluminium construction encases the projector whilst retaining a smooth exterior profile, enabling home owners to have a fully recessed lift mechanism that’s only seen when it’s meant to be.

  • Easy Installation

    As with our screens, lift’s are designed with installation in mind and can be easily fitted to standard ceilings creating the most compact in ceiling projector lifts available. Our unique mounting system means you don’t even have to paint the ceiling after fitting.

  • Projector lift Built In Control System

    Built In Control System

    Designed and programmed in-house our control system provides the most advanced features of any lift in the world.

    • > 12v trigger/Dry Contact Input Port
    • > 12v trigger/IR Output Port
    • > RS232 Communication Port
  • Quiet and Precise projector lift

    Quiet and Precise

    Our 24v DC linear actuators provide the fastest, most reliable, precision operation, and advanced current sensing control ensures the lift closes seamless every time with near silent operation of only 35dB.

  • Advanced Construction Projector Lift

    Advanced Construction

    Whether its the hi-tech Igudur bearing rails or the lightweight aerospace grade alloy construction, that’s bonded rather than welded for the strongest performance, you can be sure that every detail has been meticulously worked out to provide the perfect lift.

  • Software Configurator App projector lift

    Software Configurator App

    Whether you want to change the way your projector lift operates, update firmware, or simply see how many times it’s gone up and down our Control Pad software has all the features you could possibly want.

Projector Lifts